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1. The 2018 Sires Classic Race will be flown from Terang Victoria, 530 kms South East of Adelaide on Sunday 16th September 2018. The SA Long Distance Racing Pigeon Club Inc. (SALDC) reserve the right to change date and race points.

2. All SAHPA members including juniors and new members are eligible to participate in the race. Birds bred for the Auction must be from a registered member of a club, Junior members and Social members are allowed to breed up to 8 birds for the sale or up 8 prepaid birds into their own loft. Interstate and Country flyers are welcome to enter as breeders. For the 2018 event, all birds presented will need to have their first dose of PMV Vaccination before entering the sale, the SALDC will have a vaccine gun on hand in case any birds have not been vaccinated by the breeder. Please download and complete the Vaccination form from SAHPA web site.

3. Each participant may breed EIGHT squeakers for the race. Birds must be rung with (2017) rings. Birds rung with overseas rings will not be accepted or AUST rings as we can not guarantee year of issue.

4. SAHPA members may nominate up to 8 birds by the SAHPA AGM 23rd March 2018 and pay a nomination of $50 each for the birds without presenting them at the sale. If you wish to nominate the birds using this method, please forward the nomination form attached together with a cheque payable to SALDC and post to Gavin Harris, SALDC Secretary, 488 Marion Road, Plympton Park, 5038 by 30th March 2018 or payment can be made on the day of the last sale or at the SAHPA Annual General Meeting.

5. There are no entry fees for birds entered in the auction whether they be local, country or interstate entries. It is the breeders responsibility to arrange delivery to Adelaide airport and notify Gavin Harris 0418 853 111 of their arrival time. Local, Interstate and Country Breeders can alternatively make arrangements with a SAHPA flyer to pre-nominate up to 8 birds at $50 per bird and then place the birds in the nominated SAHPA Flyer’s loft without being processed through the Auction, the pre-paid nominations forms must be lodged by 30th March, 2018. In 2018 if you prenominate 8 birds you ony pay for 7, that is $350 the eighth bird is free.

6. Agents bidding on behalf of breeders must either call out or show computer membership number after bidding for each Lot to complete the purchase. Each bird will be sold to the highest bidder.

7. Squeakers to be sold at the Auctions are to be between 28 & 35 days old on the day of the Auction

8. All birds offered for sale will be thoroughly inspected by scrutineers appointed by the SALDC. The SALDC reserves the right to reject any squeaker and such squeaker will not be registered and will not be eligible to participate in the Sires Produce Classic.

9. The minimum bid for any one bird will be $15. If a bid of $15 is not made, the squeaker will be returned to the Breeder, who, on payment of $15, will become that bird’s owner. The bird will be eligible to compete in the Sires Produce Classic. If Breeder not present at sale, SALDC reserve the right to sell the bird immediately after the sale.

10. In years prior to 2016, birds sold at the Auction could only be raced by and from the loft of the Purchaser, in whose name that bird has been registered, we now allow a bird to be transferred to the loft of another nominated flyer, this transfer is required as a written application and is to be submitted to the SALDC Secretary before 30th March, 2018.

11. Birds being offered for sale will be kept in a covered hamper and no inspection will be permitted prior to or during the Auction. Birds will be selected at random from the covered hamper and the Auctioneer will call out the bird’s ring number but will not identify its Breeder. The ring number will also be recorded on the whiteboard. The appointed recorders for the Auction will be the only persons with prior knowledge of all details regarding the birds and their Breeders.

12. Birds will be released to successful bidders on payment of their bids, at the end of the Auction.

13. Full details regarding ring number, colours, purchasers, prices, etc., will be circulated after hampering for the event including details of nominated ring birds.

14. All money raised from the Auction less expenses will be allocated as prize money.

15. Each prize for a placing will be shared, 40% Breeder, 60% Purchaser. The first bird prize will be a Motor Vehicle equivalent of $14,000 for the purchaser and $6,000 for the breeder. (Subject to achieving sales of $30,000 or more, the SALDC reserve the right to amend the prize allocation.)

16. The pigeons which are the highest placed Interstate bred and the highest placed SA Country bred will each receive an additional $300 prize which will be split 40% to Breeder, 60% Purchaser.

17. If we receive over the $30,000 budgeted for Prepaid and Auction Sales there will be a further three zone prizes of $300 (split 40%, 60%) for each of the zone winners which do not include the 4th zones which is the overall race winner. Adelaide is split into 4 zones, as per SRC minutes.

The Auction will be held on Sunday, 4th February, 2018
All birds to be presented between 8.00am – 10:00am.

18. If any of the purchased birds should die, the rings from these birds CANNOT be re-used on any other squeaker. If the rings are re-used, the bird will be disqualified, and SALDC/SAHPA may take further action.

19. The colouring and marking on the birds entered in the Sires Produce Classic must be identical to those recorded at the time of the Auction. If there is a discrepancy, they will be disqualified. All Purchasers are to thoroughly check that the colouring and marking on their birds are identical to those shown on their official receipt. In the event of discrepancy, the SALDC Secretary is to be notified in writing immediately.

20. Any squeaker bred for the sale and rejected by the scrutineers may be flown in any other race on the SAHPA Program (other than the Sires Classic).

21. All birds participating in the Sires Classic event must have qualified as per the SALDC rules and minutes, the SAHPA qualifying rules do not apply to this event. The birds must qualify by flying at least ONE race before the event on the line of flight (South East). The onus is on the flyer for proof, please get club secretaries to keep a copy of all nomination sheets.

22. A single Transfer card must be filled out and presented with the eight squeakers on the day of the auction.

23. The SAHPA and Sires Produce Committee are not responsible for any pigeons presented for sale. They act only as a vehicle for transfer of ownership.

24. Foreign rung birds must be presented by an agent who is responsible for the safe arrival of the bird to the sale. The agent is responsible for the safe return should the pigeon be rejected or not sold.

25. The SALDC reserve the right to change the release point and if necessary convoy birds with other SAHPA birds if transported on the same unit. If it is a north race and there are less than 50 birds, or on other lines of flight if there are less than 80 birds. SALDC plan to survey flyers and if there appears to be less than 80 birds for race we may decide to fly the race on the SAHPA unit the week earlier 8th September from Terang.

26. The Sires Classic hampering will be on the Friday night and the birds released on the Sunday. Hampering to be done at the SAHPA Headquarters, There will be a loft Calcutta held after completion of hampering. Loft Calcutta prizes will be paid out to the buyers of the first three lofts, with the breakdown 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%. The Clock reading for the result is planned to be done at the SAHPA Headquarters, it may be subject to change based on decision of SALDC.

27. The SALDC reserve the right to drug test the winner or any other placing and if found to be in breach of the SAHPA drug rules the flyer will forfeit their position and the matter will be referred to SAHPA Management Committee.

Mate up 08/12/17
10 days to lay first egg 18/12/17
18 days to hatch 05/01/18
30 days old 04/02/18

(This form is only used if you are not presenting
the birds for auction -see Rule 5)

Breeder Name: ____________________________________________

Flyer Number : ______________________

Flyer Name: ____________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________

Club: ____________________________________________

Ring Number (Please note Colour and Gender not necessary for Prenominations)

____________________________SA 17 ____________________________SA 17 ____________________________SA 17


 ____________________________SA 17 ____________________________SA 17 ____________________________SA 17


 ____________________________SA 17 ____________________________SA 17

No. of Entries ____________ @ $50 each Note : Eighth bird is free only $350 if you nominate 8. ____________

SA Long distance racing club Inc for $ ____________

Post to: Gavin Harris 488 Marion Road

Plympton Park SA 5038
Please see SALDC Sires Produce Classic Regulations 2018 on for race rules and conditions. Up to 8 birds nominated per breeder, Race from Terange 532km SE on 16th September 2018, expected prize pool of over $30,000 including Motor Vehicle, subject to change if nominations below $30,000.
Nominations close the week after the SAHPA Annual General Meeting 30th March, 2018

Contact Gavin Harris
SAHPA Special Race Committee Mobile 0418 853 111