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Ring Secretary: Sofia Thalbourne 0409 802 944
General Secretary: John Harper 0448 883 512


Contacts G. Rayment 0499 401 954, R. Somerville 0457 446 778, L. Colegate 0417 889 580.

The newest club in the SAHPA was formed on Monday night at HQ. The WESTLINE RACING CLUB has started with 30 members and any one else wishing to test the water.

Our race programme is:

KIMBA Wednesday 13th June

KIMBA Wednesday 4th July

WUDINNA Wednesday 18th July

POOCHERA Wednesday 1st Aug. Here is the combined result:

CEDUNA Wednesday 15th Aug

The Mid Week Series Club was formed to provide a limited nomination series of 5 races from the west direction primarily conducted on a Wednesday.


(1)   The Club membership is open to any club member whose loft is situated within 100 km of the Adelaide GPO and is a current paid up member of the SAHPA, either full membership or affiliate.

(2)   All birds must be on the prepaid list of the competitor's current season birds

(3)    Maximum nomination for each race will be 10 birds only. 1 team per member.

(4)    One (1) bird clocking ONLY.

(5)    Entry fee will be $20 per team entered (max 10 birds).

(6)    Transport fee $5 per member.

(7)     Five (5) prizes (subject to entry of birds). Prizemoney will be paid out at the next mid week race hampering night.

(8)    Hampering centres at SAHPA (HQ), Centrals Clubrooms, Para Clubrooms, Barossa Clubrooms, Southern area hampering centre to be announced soon. Hampering night Tuesday and Monday nights

(9)    Each hampering centre representative will bring with them on hampering night BIRDS in old or new club hampers. Nomination sheet and nom/freight money from each competitor sealed in individual envelopes.

(10)    Birds will be transferred from each clubs hampers into the mid week transporter based at the Para Clubrooms. The transporter WILL leave for the race point at 8.30 pm.

(11)    Clocking time, ring no, bird colour and normal loss/gain to be text or emailed to Committee after clocking. An interim result will be declared on race night. Clock check sheets to be sent to the SAHPA in an envelope marked MID WEEK SERIES (race name / date) on next club hamper night.

(12)    The Mid Week Series Club runs under the Constitution of The South Australian Homing Pigeon Association Inc. (March 2016)

(13)    Club contacts G. Rayment 0499 401 954 , R. Somerville 0457 446 778, L .Colegate 0417 889 580