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Ring Secretary: Sofia Thalbourne 0409 802 944
General Secretary: Tony Perkins 0448 883 512


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From the SAHPA General Secretary (Tony Perkins):

To all Secretaries,
In an endeavour to save the members money, I would like to be able to email correspondence to those of you who have the ability to receive emails and print out the contents for your Club Members. I would appreciate your co-operation as postage is now considerably higher than before. If you have not sent me your email address in the past, could you please do so now.
If you do not have an email address is there someone in your Club that could do it for you?
Could you please email me or text me on 0448 883 512 with the answer yes Your Name and Club. If you don't wish to participate and would like me to still send you all correspondence, could you please send me a letter and say no.
Each letter to you saves $1 or $2 dollars, that's between $20- $40 dollars each month and when sending to all Members it is saving hundreds.
Regards, Tony Perkins. General Secretary SAHPA Inc.


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