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SDC POINTS awards >>>        2021 POINTS TABLE BOY >>>

BIRD OF THE YEAR. Please text / email your info if you think you may have this year's "Bird of the Year". Here are some that have come in: Hamilton & Fawcett: BCH SA20 12492 - 2nd SAHPA The Twins 13/9/21 and 7th SAHPA Marree 6/10/21 for 53 points.
Horrocks & Seiboth SA20 20654 BBH: 5th SAHPA Coober Pedy Open 8/10/21 and 4th SAHPA Marree 2 16/10/21
Snyders Buxton and Joy 6th place Lyndhurst Derby 132/2189 and 19th place MAREE OPEN 91/1331.

EXCITING NEWS for SAHPA MEMBERS! Two-day Pigeon Convention November 26 and 27, 2022. Everyone welcome. Please check the CONVENTION tab or the QUICK LINK (Coming Events) at top for continuous updates. Contacts: Greg Hamilton 0419 598 400. Grant Paterson 0400 022 853. Gavin Harris 0418 853 111. John Van Beers and John Share will be speaking as part of "Winning Ways" guest speaker panel.

MAP of MARREE 3 as they arrived >>>

COMPETITORS PLEASE NOTE: Tom Tirrell and Sofia are taking orders for next year. Pay to account 065 102 1044 5657. $25 for 2. Clearly ref order with your mobile number. There are three average velocity prizes - here is the latest average velocity data for races >>>

NEW - Search this file for ALL RESULTS for 2020. Simply use "control f" to get the search box and then enter what you want to search for. Search for your name or a pigeon number for example. Here it is >>>            And here is the 2019 results >>>

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