ON MONDAY – 23rd  JANUARY 2006 – 7.30 pm.

1. CHAIRPERSON OPENED MEETING AT: 7.35pm Attendance:  Mr. D. Thalbourne (Chairperson), Mr. P. Couzner, Mr. F. DiMella, Mr. J. Marafiote, Mr. W. Moyle, Mr. K. Pridham, Mr. R. Seedsman (General Secretary), Mrs. C. Myers (Assistant Secretary).


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  Moved/Seconded/Carried


1. Question raised regarding the formation of the Parkholme Club – re
 Group Flying, S.A.H.P.A. Races.

2. Question as to any feedback from the S.A.R.P.F. regarding the
 checking of Race Results in respect to Ownership.

3. Question raised as to the Preparation regarding the Information
Night to be held on Friday 3rd February 2006.


The Treasurer gave a brief overview of the Auditor’s Report for the period
1st December 2004 through to the 30th November 2005.

A Profit has been recorded for this period with the Profit being eroded in comparison to last year by the increase cost of Freight, and the reduction of the cost of Life Rings to Members, which should balance out in the current Financial Year.


1.   Membership List/Capitation Fees received from – Elizabeth,
      Pt Adelaide North, Port Adelaide South & South Suburban Clubs.
     Action:  Secretary to List

2. Letter from the R.S.P.C.A. – Enquiring into the Association’s Booroorban      Event on the 8th October 2005.  Action:  The Management Committee will respond to the R.S.P.C.A., explaining that the Informant’s allegations in regards to returns from the Booroorban Event do not substantiate a Complaint.  It would be wise if Members of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc., who have a Complaint would address their complaint through the Management Committee.

3.   Email from Mr. D. Thalbourne – Application for the Position of
      S.A.H.P.A. Inc Chairperson for the 2006 Season.  Action:  Secretary to
      File for Members consideration at the Forthcoming A.G.M.

4.   Letter from Mrs. C. Myers – Application for the Positions of Assistant
      Secretary & Computer Systems Administrator.  Action:  Secretary to file
      For when Applications are considered.

5. Letter from Mr. D. Schwarz – Application for the Position of Training/
Tossing Unit Driver for the 2006 Season.  Action:  Secretary to file for
When Applications are considered.

6. Letter from Mr. R. Seedsman – Applications for the Positions of General
Secretary & Treasurer for the 2006 Season.  Action:  Secretary to file for
When Applications are considered.

7. Minutes from Promotions Sub-Committee – Meeting held on Monday
5th December 2005.


o Investigation into Clothing that is Self Promoting – ie Hats, Caps, Shirts (Tee Shirts) etc.
o Seek a Reliable Media Outlet
o Promotion through Schools
o Introduction of a Special Race for Public participation.

8. Letter from Mr. B. Markou – Application for the Position of Main Unit
Cleaner for the 2006 Season.  Action:  Secretary to file for when
Applications are considered.

9. Email from Mr. A. Agar – Application for the Position of Website
Manager for the 2006 Season.  Action:  Secretary to file for when Applications are considered.


1. Letters to Sita, Telstra, AGL, Aust Post – Advising of Change of
Address for all future Correspondence.

2. Letter to Mr. M. Agar (Solicitor) – Thanking Mr. Agar for his assistance
In regards to a Salisbury Club Member’s Permit Application to transfer his
Birds to another residence.

3. Email to Mrs. R. Kearns - Acknowledging her Application for the
Position of S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Ring Secretary for the 2006 Season.

4. Email to Mr. R. Billing – Acknowledging his Application for the Position
Of S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Convoyer for the 2006 Season.

5. Email to S.A.R.P.F. – Response to their Request for the checking of
Bird Ownership and the establishment of a Ring register Data Base.

6. Letters to all Club Secretaries – Enclosing 2006 Club Membership

7. Email to Mr. D. Thalbourne – Acknowledging his Application for the
Position of S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Chairperson for the 2006 Season.

8. Email to Mr. A. Agar – Acknowledging his Application for the Position
Of S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Website Manager for the 2006 Season.

9. Letter to Mr. B. Markou – Acknowledging his Application for the
Position of Main Unit Cleaner for the 2006 Season.

Moved/Carried – Correspondence In & Out – Confirmed


1. Positions within the S.A.H.P.A. Inc.

The Cut-off date for the following Positions with the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. is
Friday 10th February 2006.

Race Adjudicator    S.A.H.P.A. Convoyer
Release Officer (Panel 3)   Transport Loading Stewards (2)
Unit Cleaners (2)    Clock Chairperson
Website Manager    Computer System Administrator
Publicity Officer    Training/Tossing Unit Driver

All the above Honorariums will be discussed at a Later Date.

Applications to be addressed to:  The General Secretary
      31 Meath Avenue
      Salisbury Downs     SA    5108

2. Affiliate Clubs – Membership Fees:

All Affiliate Clubs of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. with the exception of the Adelaide Pigeon Club (Who pay a fee based on a certain formula) pay a Fee of $15.00 per Member.

The $15.00 Fee is to consist of a $5.00 Membership Fee and a $10.00    Fee for convoying on the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Unit.

All relevant Cartage Fees per Bird are Applicable.

3. Block Plans:

The original concept of Block Plans will be abolished, with all new Members or existing Members who have changed their Residential Address now having their co-ordinates substantiated by the Global Positioning System.  (G.P.S.)

A fee of $20.00 for this Service will apply.

Members who fall under the above criteria will be contacted to establish a suitable time for an S.A.H.P.A. Inc Designate to carry out this Service.

4. Satellite Phone:

Investigation is continuing into the Purchase of a Satellite Phone along with all associated costs.  Once all information has been received the Management Committee will decide as to whether or not a Satellite Phone will be purchased.

5. Main Race Unit Modification:

Investigations are continuing with the assistance of Hampton Haulage into the modification to the Main Race Unit – regarding the addition of a Sleeping Compartment, all weather annexe for the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Convoyer.

6. Council Dispute:

The General Secretary to contact Two (2) Members of the Association to assist a Salisbury Club Member in the absence of the S.A.H.P.A. Chairperson & General Secretary, who have S.A.H.P.A. Annual General Meeting Duties on the 20th February 2006.

The Members will be asked to attend the Salisbury Council Meeting on the 20th February 2006 re – the Salisbury Member’s application for a Permit to build a Race Loft.

7. Change of Address – General Secretary:

Members please note – As from Friday 17th February 2006 – All Correspondence to be addressed to:

   The General Secretary
   10 Baulderstone Road
   Gepps Cross.      SA     5094

Members please note – As from Friday 17th February 2006 – All Telephone Enquiries to:  8262 3856

9. MEETING CLOSED:  9.50 pm

10.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  On conclusion of the Annual General
         Meeting – Monday 20th February 2006.