1. Chairman opened meeting and welcomed all members attending – 7.35pm.

2. Apologies – Mr. J Hills, P Springett, C Nisbet, A Noble, M Seiboth, D Searle, P Arneric, R Sommerville, B Strange, B & B Washington, G Wait, A Thede.

3. 2001 Minutes read back – Moved by Mr. K Wait, 2nd by Mr. B Balk that the minutes read back of the 2001 AGM, were a true account of the meeting held. CARRIED

4. Business Arising (previous minutes) – Nil It was moved by Mr. P Beaumont and seconded by Mr. J Nisbet – that Business Arising had been dealt with. CARRIED.

5. Correspondence In: Nil
5. a). Standing Orders – The Chairman offered to read out the SAHPA Standing Orders for the AGM, if the members wished. Members were happy to continue on with meeting without the standing orders being read.

6. Reports (Chairman & Treasurer) – The SAHPA Inc. Chairman (Mr. David Thalbourne read out his report for season 2001. (Copy enclosed). It was moved by Mr. P Beaumont, seconded by Mr. M Clarke – that the Chairman’s report be accepted.    CARRIED:

 The SAHPA Inc. Treasurer (Mr. Mike Pethick) read out his report for season 2001. (Copy enclosed). The report covered two areas – a) the Balance Sheet and Auditor’s recommendations and b) the Profit & Loss accounts. Mr. Pethick invited questions without notice. Mr. Bob Hill (Happy Valley) questioned the amount showing in Capitations and inferred that it did not tally with the number of financial members. Mr. Pethick explained that $10 per member had been transferred to Unit replacement fund and that GST collected took 10% of the Capitations. No more questions received. Mr. M Pethick moved that his Treasurer’s report be accepted, seconded by Mr. J Nisbet – CARRIED.

7. Adjourned Motions/Business: - Nil

7.a). Chairman and Vice Chairman appointments: The Chairman (Mr. D Thalbourne removed himself from the Chair and Mr. J Nisbet stood in. Mr. Nisbet advised the members that only one application had been received and therefore only show of support was required for the applicant. Applicant – Mr. David Thalbourne. Moved Mr. L Hughes, 2nd Mr. L Jones, that Mr. Thalbourne continue on as SAHPA Chairman in 2002.   CARRIED.

Mr. D Thalbourne advised members that only one application had been received for the position of Vice Chair (the applicant being Mr. Jimi Nisbet). The Chairman asked for a show of support for the appointment. It was moved by Mr. L Jones and 2nd by Mr. J Cock – CARRIED

7.b). Management Committee Election results:
The Chairman advised members that the election result was now in. The Chairman advised that the votes were sent to the returning officer (Mr. M Pethick) by members and counted. The counts were checked by Mrs. C Myers (Scrutineer) in the presence of the Association Chairman (Mr. D Thalbourne). Candidates were invited to attend (Mr. R McIlduff attended, Mr. R Fewings put in an apology.)

WEST ELECTORATE – 75 Vote slips sent, 55 received. Mr. K Pridham was re-elected for another 3 year term with 42 votes. Mr D Shaw received 10 votes, Mr. C Maricic received 3 votes.

EAST ELECTORATE – 72 Vote slips sent, 53 received. Mr. R Fewings was elected with 29 votes. Mr. R McIlduff received 24 votes.

HILLS ELECTORATE – Only one application (Mr. J Cock) Mr. Cock is  automatically re-elected.

SOUTH ELECTORATE – Only one application (Mr. T Meekins). Mr. Meekins is automatically re-elected.

8. Motions of which Notice has been given – refer to notices as previously sent:
1/. TOSSING OF BIRD: Delete Race By-Law 22 and replace with new Race By-Law 22: -
Moved by Mr. P Paterson, 2nd by Mr. R McIlduff - No-one spoke for or against the Motion, the Motion was put by show of hands.  CARRIED

2/. STOPPED CLOCK: Delete Clock By-Law 21 and leave vacant:
 Moved by Mr. K Pridham, 2nd by Mr. J Nisbet –
2.1 Mr. K Pridham spoke for the motion
2.2 No-one spoke against the motion.
Motion was put by show of hands    CARRIED
3/. STOPPED CLOCK: Amend Clock By-Law 17, as an administrative matter due to the success of Motion 2/. Moved by Mr. K Pridham, 2nd Mr. G Allen –
3.1 Mr. Pethick advised it was needed as an administrative change.
Motion was put by show of hands    CARRIED

4/. LINES OF FLIGHT: Delete Race By-Law 30 and replace with New Race By-Law 30: Moved by Mr. L Hughes, 2nd by Mr. B Balk
4.1 Mr. T Meekins spoke for the motion
4.2 Mr. M Clarke put up an amendment to include the words “or posted” in the last sentence. 2nd by Mr. P Beaumont.
The Amendment was carried. The new Notice of Motion was put by show of hands.    CARRIED.

5/. CHANGE IN ELECTION OF MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE – LODGED BY THE NORTH SUBURBAN CLUB: Amend Rule 22. Parts (1-4) and Delete Rule 22 part 13. Refer to list of notices as sent. Moved by Mr. G Watson, 2nd by Mr. D Shaw
5.1 Mr. G Watson spoke for the motion
5.2 Point of order called by Mr. P Beaumont – saying that this Notice of Motion should not belong to this meeting and that the Notice of Motion put up by the Club includes references to gender (ie. 5 man) and that it is out of order.
5.3 Mr. G Watson spoke in reply for the motion

Mr. G Watson moved that an amendment be put up to delete all references to gender (ie. 5 man) and replace with “Committee of Management”. 2nd by Mr. D Shaw - Amendment was carried. New Notice of Motion stands
5.4 Mr. T Meekins spoke against the motion
5.5 Mr. R Fewings spoke for the motion
5.6 Mr. J West spoke about the motion
5.7 Mr. A McCauley spoke against the motion
5.8 Mr. R Caesarowicz spoke about the motion seeking clarification
5.9 Mr. J Marafiote spoke for the motion
5.10 Mr. W Moyle spoke against the motion
5.11 Mr. G Watson spoke as right of reply – for the motion

The Chairman advised the members the motion would be decided on by Secret Ballot. Mr. G Harris and Mr. R Seedsman appointed scrutineers.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting for 5 minutes while the vote count took place.
 Total votes received 104 – For the Motion (46), against the motion (58) – DEFEATED

6/. AMENDMENT OF COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT RULE 22 PART 16& 17  LODGED BY THE CENTRAL DISTRICTS CLUB: Amend Rule 22 part 16. Moved by Mr P Couzner, 2nd Mr. P Squire –
6.1 Mr. P Couzner spoke for the motion
6.2 No-one spoke against the motion
Motion put by show of hands    CARRIED

9. Breaches of Rules and Regulations – Nil


10.1 Mr. B Balk re 2002 Program and number of years to be flown. Mr. Balk questioned whether the Committee would be running the 2002 program for this year only and having the Special Meeting in August, or would we be flying the 2002 program for the 3 years as responded to by members in last year’s Questionnaire.

Mr. T Meekins spoke about the issue and gave the view of the Management Committee in that the Committee would decide how many years to be flown, irrespective of the results of the Questionnaire. Mr. Meekins own personal view is that it should be flown for the term as responded to by members (ie. 3 years).

10.2 Mr. W Moyle re The 2002 Program and the lack of long distance races, no come back races, high cost of the two long races last year. Mr Moyle believes the Association would benefit financially be having another one or two long races, with come back races to help pay the way, which means the cost per bird for the long races could come back down to around $2.

Mr. Moyle also spoke with regards to release times/days, that extra costs are incurred for holding over.

10.3 Mr. L Smith re Questioned why the Association is only scheduling 20 races per season now and not 22 as in the past seasons.

10.4 Mr. R Chapman re Number of Years the 2002 program to be flown. Mr Chapman spoke that the Questionnaire result clearly showed a preference for the North East line and the members wanted it for 3 years. Mr. Chapman requested the 2002 program be flown for 3 years.

10.5 Mr. G Harris (Special races committee) re
a) Sires Produce result (Income for 2002) nominations around $19,000 – well up on previous years.
b) Mr. Harris requested consideration for 2-3 Bird specials
c) Requested a come-back race for the long points as they would be viable to the SAHPA finances and would be supported by flyers.
10.6 Mr M Clarke re Mr. Clark questioned the process of the appointment of the General Secretary for 2002, how was it done as he said he had been approached outside before the AGM re this issue.

The out-going General Secretary (Mr. M Pethick) advised that in order for the Committee to have a General Secretary ready to go immediately after the AGM, the Committee had no choice but to interview for the position. Interviews took place on Wednesday 13th February (just prior to the AGM) and the panel made a selection/recommendation. Both applicants were advised of that selection prior to the AGM. Mr. Pethick advised Mr. Clark that at the short Mgmt meeting immediately following the AGM, the new management committee would consider the interview panel’s recommendation and move a resolution to appoint the successful applicant.

10.7 Mr. P Squire re Asked whether the Main Transport Unit had “Anti Static” strips attached to the unit. No one could confirm that fact without a close inspection. Mr. Squire explained that he had seen a report saying that Anti static strips could in fact help the birds by not interfering with their senses.

10.8 Mr. B Balk re Enquired as to the future of the SAHPA Gazette/Journal. Mr. Pethick advised the members that Brenda Caesarowicz had been appointed interim Editor or the Jan/Feb issue and that he thought that issue was a great improvement and that Brenda should be congratulated. Mr. Pethick hoped that it would continue as it was an important communication piece for members, especially in the off-season.

Mr. A McCauley spoke about the Gazette, suggesting that by getting rid of the Gazette, the cost savings (approx $8,000) could be better spent on going towards the new replacement Unit.

10.9 Mr. P Beaumont re Enquiring as to whether the Association had sufficient applications for all positions, were we looking for more and when might they be decided. Mr Pethick advised that this year, the Association had received more applications than in previous years. All positions had applicants (most multiple) and that the Management Committee would be deciding on those positions over the next meeting or two.

11.0 Minutes read back and confirmed: The General Secretary read back the minutes as taken during the AGM. The Chair asked for a mover and a seconder that the minutes read back, were in fact a true account of the meeting’s business.
Moved by Mr. R McIlduff, 2nd by Mr. K Wait  --    CARRIED

12.0 Meeting closed – 10.00pm