Minutes of the South Australian Homing Pigeon Association Inc.
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held at SAHPA Inc. Headquarters,
Baulderstone Rd – GEPPS CROSS, Monday 21st February 2000 at 7.30pm.

1. Open Meeting  - 7.40pm

2. Apologies - R Wilson, TA Rushton, C Hawke, P Springett,  G Allen, D Andrewartha, B Fretter, G Pavloudis, M Coope, M Kakoschke, B Walford, J Marafiote.

3. Minutes to be read and confirmed – Moved - J Cash, 2nd – J West  CARRIED

4. Business Arising from the previous Minutes – Nil

5. Correspondence In – Nil

6. Reports
6.1 Secretary’s report – I wish to report to members that I took over as Acting General Secretary on October 25th 1999. When I took over in October, there was quite a deal on the plate – with certificates to finish, race results to be dispatched, correspondence to catch up and various other functions.

The SAHPA Inc. now has it’s own private box for correspondence (which is more secure than a private street address). During the past few months, the SAHPA Inc. has gone through some interesting, yet sometimes volatile periods. It was personally disappointing to not get the Annual Social up, however if I am in the chair for season 2000, I will be looking for input from interested members to come up with an appropriate function.

In closing, in my limited time as General Secretary, I feel the SAHPA has now turned the corner and I look forward to seeing a more positive future and season for all our members.   Mike Pethick 21/2/2000.

  Moved – J Nisbett, 2nd L Hughes, that the Secretary’s report be received

6.2 Chairman’s report (read by Acting Chair Mr. T Castle) – “Whilst 1999 was year of consolidation and a year of change, I can assure you that in 2000, our sport is going to be subject to challenges like it never has been before. Those challenges are now from outside, not from within this hall.

They are not the lines of flight, they are not about our rules, they are not about clocks, they are about the future of Pigeon Racing in Adelaide. I have no doubt that some of you are already aware of the impositions being placed on our fellow Victorian flyers where numbers in some lofts are being restricted by Law to 40 in total. This new law is operational now – right at this very moment, and it has happened under our very noses. It may well happen here! I have no doubt that some of you are no doubt aware of the continuing interest that the RSPCA takes in our sport. Who knows where the challenges to our sport are going to end? Who knows were our sport will be in 5 years time? 2000 is going to place considerable strain on all of us – The members and the various Committees, which run the Association. I can only urge you to be supportive wherever you can, to at least make the week to week racing of the Association the enjoyable time that it should be.

To the Committee with which I worked during the year, I express my thanks for their countless hours of input. They have worked this year with your interests at heart and I am sure they will continue to do so.

On your part, you should simply observe the time honoured saying “The Majority Rules”. To the members who contributed to the Honorary positions and numerous other positions and donated their time, I say Thank you.

And to you the members, I would urge you to become aware of the bigger issues that face the Association this year – like the RSPCA and Local Councils and help your Association to manage them. Be more tolerant of the smaller disruptions, which occur from time to time and look forward to an enjoyable year’s racing.

  Moved D Evans, 2nd T Meekins, that the Chairman’s report be received.

6.3 Treasurer’s report – As the Treasurer was unable to attend, the Chair asked the members if there were any questions, and that the Auditor was present and would try to answer any questions where possible.

1. Mr. R Hocking asked if the reports had been audited – Mr. Gavin  Harris (one of the auditors) explained that they had.
2. Mr. R Hill stated that no signatures were at the foot of the reports.
3. Mr. G Harris explained the Audit process
4. Mr. G Lobb asked why “sundry” items were listed in the Gazette costs, also Gifts/Donations – what and who were the gifts for.
5. Mr. Gavin Harris  suggested the Treasurer for this year be asked to categorise “sundry” costs in the 2000 report. The Management Committee explained that the “Gifts/Donations” were for Bereavements and Life FM Crippled Children's Xmas party etc. Mr. Harris also tried to explain how the listing of accounts works.
6. Mr. Hocking queried the “Cardboard” business. The Cost of cardboard as shown on the report as against the item shown as Stock on hand.
7. Mr. Gavin Harris explained that as Cardboard was used early in the season and at the end of the previous season was in stock. It then had to be transferred to Expenditure once it was being used.
8. Mr. Hocking asked if an Invoice for the Cardboard was sighted.
9. Mr. I Durrant explained the possibilities of how the Cardboard transfer could have taken place.
10. Mr. Hocking re-iterated that an Invoice should be available.
11. Mr. Harris explained that Auditors were not required to sight every Invoice.

With respect to the Trustees’ report – Again, the Auditor was present to assist any member’s questions, as the Treasurer of the Trustees was not present at the meeting.

1. Mr. Hocking referred members to Rule 14 – “Trustees” and the issue that they were trading in shares. Mr. Hocking asked who was handling the Share Trading Portfolio? Was it Mr. Kakoschke or Mr. Rushton? Mr Hocking stated that something needed to be done to clear up the issues of who is in charge of the Portfolio. Mr. Hocking wanted members to be aware of what may be happening to the value of the portfolio and he thought there were anomalies in the accounts for Share Trading and the value of.

2. Mr. Gavin Harris advised that ALL share trades were made through Dickisons which  Mr. Kakoschke was an adviser. Mr. Harris tried to explain to members that Shares had been sold and the relevant value of the sale was now in the Bank account. Mr. Harris stated that there were now only 3 Trustees and something needed to be done to get the number back up to the preferred number of  FIVE Trustees.

3. Mr. Ross Chapman addressed the floor and asked that the Treasurer and Trustees’ reports not be accepted. He stated that the Treasurer and the Trustees should be present at the meeting to answer member’s questions. A meeting was requested at a later date so that these important items of business be further addressed. The question was put and a clear majority of members were in favour of same.

Moved Mr. R Chapman, 2nd Mr. R Hocking – that a Special meeting be called and that the Treasurer and Trustees’ reports be tabled at this meeting.     CARRIED

7. Adjourned Notice of Motion and Business – NIL

8. Motions of which Notice has been given (as sent to all members):

1. Mr Hocking asked if the members were voting on the Notices as they were received. The Chairman advised that the list is not as they were received.

2. Mr. McCauley asked as to why the North East clubs’ Notices were returned for listing in a different format, and why the Management Committee’s was not required to be done.

3. Mr. I Durrant explained that had the North East club’s Notice not been returned, it would not have stood up at the AGM as it did not make sense and it was confusing. The Management Committees’ Notice only pertained to one rule in the relevant section where as the North East clubs’ notice encompassed several rules.

4. Mr P Paterson spoke on what the Management Committee’s intentions were and that they were not hiding or trying to be suspicious. The Committee was trying to simply list the Motions in a fashion that made it easier for members to see what the Motions were about and that they were in an order that kept similar motions together.  Mr. Paterson re-iterated that it did not matter what order, and that it was the Members’ choice what got up.

Notice of Motion:

1. Lodged by Management Committee, 2nd Mr. D Evans re the Annual General Meeting when it is to be held and Office bearers’ reports, delete Rule 19.1 page 8, and be replaced with the Motion as listed.

1.1 Mr. K Pridham spoke for the Motion

1.2 Mr. R Chapman spoke about the motion – re it’s change

1.3 Mr. K Pridham spoke again to clarify the case for.

1.4 Mr. R Hill spoke about the motion

1.5 Mr. I Durrant spoke about the motion.

1.6 Mr. R Sommerville put an amendment up that the meeting be held on the 3rd Monday in February, 2nd T Meekins. The Amendment was CARRIED.

The Motion was put. 91 for the motion, 18 against. The Motion was CARRIED.

The General Secretary suggested that the Management Committees’ motions (2-7) be voted by a show of hands and not a closed ballot. These motions pertain to our rule book amendments. It would also save a significant amount of time in running the meeting.
The Members agreed.

2. Lodged by Management Committee, Add a new rule number 31 That there shall be “Code of Practice” {page 14}

2.1 Mr. R Chapman questioned whether the Code of Practice would be changing from time to time and how this affects being in the Rules & Regulations book.
2.2 Mr. P Paterson spoke about the Code of Practice and acceptance of.
2.3 Mr. P Couzner spoke about the Code of Practice
2.4 Mr. D Evans spoke about the Code of Practice
2.5 Mr. R Hocking spoke about the Code of Practice
2.6 Mr. J Hofman spoke about the Code of Practice
2.7 Mr P Paterson spoke about the Code of Practice
2.8 Mr. B Goold spoke about the Code of Practice
2.9 Mr. D Evans spoke about the Code of Practice
2.10 The Chairman Mr. T Castle asked members whether the Motion for Code of  Practice be better served at the Special Meeting, which is to be held at a later date.

The motion was put that it be deferred to the Special Meeting – The Motion no seconder therefore the motion adjournment lapsed.

Moved by the Management Committee, 2nd J Cash – That the Motion be put.

Mr. T Meekins asked that the result of the closed ballot on Motion 1 be announced. This was done – 91 for the motion, 18 against. THE MOTION WAS CARRIED.

3. Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd Mr. T Langsford re “Pigeons must be race marked etc. how the duplicates are to be handled etc.” Delete Race rule 25 {page 18} and be replaced with rule as listed on the members’ advice.

3.1 Mr. K Pridham spoke for the motion

The Motion was put as no members spoke against the motion.  CARRIED

4. Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd Mr. J Cash re “Sunset and Sunrise times” Delete Race Rule 18.4 {page 17} and replace with motion as listed in the advice sent to members.
4.1 Mr.K Pridham spoke for the motion.
4.2 Mr. B Goold spoke against the motion
4.3 Mr. J Hofman spoke about the motion
4.4 Mr. P Beaumont spoke against the motion
4.5 The Chairman spoke about the motion
4.6 Mr. J Hofman spoke about the motion
4.7 Mr. J Beeching spoke about the motion

The question was put and the members voted against the Motion – Motion 4 lapses. The existing rule remains as is.

5. Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd by Mr. P Beaumont re when positions of a race have not been filled etc. clocks may be opened at the discretion of the Clock Chairperson. Delete clock rule 18 {page 20} and replace with the motion as listed in the advice to members.

 5.1 Mr. K Pridham spoke for the motion.
 5.2 Mr. J West spoke about the motion.
 The question was put as no member spoke against the motion. CARRIED

6.  Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd Mr. J Cash re rule 10. Further infringements, possible suspension or termination of membership. To add Rule 10c {page 5}.
6.1 Mr. P Paterson spoke for the motion
6.2 Mr. R Hocking spoke about the motion
6.3 Mr. J Beeching spoke about the motion

Mr. J Beeching asked for an amendment be put that the motion be placed as an additional sentence to rule 10 b and that 10 c did need to be listed, 2nd by Mr. D Evans. The amendment was voted on and a clear majority carried the amendment.

The question was put with the new motion being CARRIED.

7. Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd J Cash re Clock rule 8, where the competing members’ clocks presented is less than 6, then opening etc is at the sole discretion of the Clock Chairperson. To add Clock rule 8a {page 19}.
7.1 Mr.K Pridham spoke for the motion
7.2 Mr. G Lobb spoke against the motion
7.3 Mr. T Castle spoke about the motion
7.4 Mr. J West spoke about the motion
7.5 Mr. R Sims spoke about the motion
7.6 Mr. B Goold spoke about the motion

The question was put – the Motion was CARRIED.

8. Lodged by the Para/Gawler Club, 2nd P Pollard re a new rule for the Loading of Birds from each Club onto the SAHPA Transporter be divided equally on each side etc. To add a new Race rule 39 {page 18}. As listed in the advice to members.
8.1 Mr. P Pollard spoke for the motion
8.2 Mr. B Goold spoke against the motion
8.3 Mr. D Schwarz spoke about the motion
8.4 Mr. K Pridham spoke against the motion
8.5 The Chairman spoke about the motion
8.6 Mr. J West spoke against the motion
8.7 Mr. A Brown spoke for the motion
8.8 The Chairman spoke about the motion
8.9 Mr. R Sommerville spoke for the motion
8.10 Mr. M Shepherdson spoke about the motion
8.11 Mr. D Evans spoke about the motion
8.12 Mr. P Goodrich spoke about the motion, requesting Mr. Durrant to speak.
8.13 Mr. I Durrant spoke about the motion and the release of pigeons.

Closed ballot held – For the Motion  64,  against 37, Informal 1  - CARRIED

9. Lodged by the Barossa Valley club. Motion 9 lapses as it referred to the same loading arrangement as motion 8.

10. Lodged by the Management Committee, 2nd Mr. T Meekins re Retaining Sections with changes reflecting no members of clubs be split into other sections and the addition of an “side by side” competition for the fastest velocities on the day. To amend Race Rule 11a (Notes & Rule alterations 1999) parts 1-4. As listed in the advice to members.

10.1 Mr. R Caesarowicz placed an amendment to the members to delete the late J Pryor’s name from the “new” competition name at the request of Mrs. R Pryor. And that the new competition be called the Association Cup, 2nd Mr. L Hughes – Amendment CARRIED.

10.2 Mr. B Good spoke about the motion and asked, “which competition will name the Champion SA Flyer?

 10.3 Mr J Hofman spoke about the motion and asked the same question
 10.4 Mr. R Caesarowicz spoke about the motion
 10.5 Mr. D Schwarz spoke against the motion
 10.6 Mr. T Fawcett spoke about the motion
 10.7 Mr. B Goold spoke against the motion
 10.8 Mr J Hofman spoke about the motion – Mr R Caesarowicz responded
 10.9 Mr. M Pethick tried to help clarify the questions and answers being sought.
 10.10 Mr. L Smith spoke about the motion. Mr. R Caesarowicz responded.
 10.11 Mr. R Chapman spoke against the motion
 10.12 Mr. A Thede spoke against the motion.

 The question was put – closed ballot. For the Motion 27, Against 77 – The motion was DEFEATED.

11. Lodged by the Management Committee and relates to motion 10. Therefore adjourned depending on the success/failure of subsequent motions.

12. Lodged by the North East Club, 2nd Mr. R Hocking re Amend race rules 11-16 inclusive “Prizes Certificates & Points” {page 16}. As advised to members.
12.1 Mr. A Thede spoke for the motion
12.2 Mr. M Shepherdson spoke about the motion
12.3 The Chairman spoke about the motion
12.4 Mr. A McCauley spoke about the motion
12.5 Mr. R Hocking spoke for the motion
12.6 Mr. J Hofman spoke about the motion

The question was put – closed ballot. For the Motion 70, Against 23, Informal 2.
 Therefore, the Motion was     CARRIED

13. Lodged by the Central Districts club. The Motion lapses, as this Motion was an alternative system to Motion 12. As Motion 12 was clearly carried, motion 13 will not be put.

14. Lodged by the Para/Gawler club. The Motion lapses, as this Motion was also an alternative system to Motion 12. Therefore Motion 14 will not be put.

15. Lodged by the South Suburban Club, 2nd Mr. A Muirhead re “Tossing of race bird gaining first position in each section”. To delete Race rule 22 {page 17} and replace with Motion as listed in the advice to members.

15.1 Mr. W Moyle spoke for the motion
15.2 Mr. B Good spoke against the motion
15.3 Mr. P Paterson spoke about the motion
15.4 Mr. P Couzner spoke against the motion

The vote was by show of hands.- the motion was clearly CARRIED.

Motion 11, lodged by the Management Committee lapses as Motion 12 was successful.

All Members please note:  A comprehensive list of all motions and successful changes, addition and deletions to the Rules and Regulations book will be issued to all Club Secretaries for all members to take note of for this season.

In addition to this, the General Secretary will work on getting the existing Rules and Regulations book (re-print ’95) up-dated and sent out to ALL members.


7. Breaches of Rules & Regulations – Nil


8.1 The General Secretary was asked to read a letter by Mr. W Moyle on the issue of lack of enough Long Distance races for program 2000. Mr. Moyle requested the Committee to reconsider and include a race from Young on 7th October 2000. Mr. Moyle also spoke of the benefits of adding one more race.

Mr. R Billing spoke in favour of Mr. Moyle’s suggestion.
Mr. J West spoke on the issue of Newcastle’s disease in NSW as it may be a restricting factor in going to Young.
Mr. T Fawcett spoke re the possibility of the LDC putting on a race from Sydney or Canberra for the Olympics.
Mr. P Antoney spoke re the Program has been set – and requested that the meeting be continued.

8.2 Sterilisation of Water: Mr. M Shepherdson wanted it removed as he felt it may not be helping the birds. Please note: The Management Committee will investigate the matter and report back to members at a later date.

8.3 Radio Station reception: Mr. R Billing spoke re that Members were missing the “fire-offs” as the Radio’s reception was unacceptable. Mr. Billing also asked why the ABC had been dropped?

Mr. J Hofman replied stating that the ABC had in fact dropped the SAHPA due to it’s sporting budget being reduced.

8.4 Mr. B Goold spoke on the possibilities of funding be provided to move the North Suburban club to a position outside of the SAHPA building. To allow the SAHPA Hall be an entirely ALL members visiting facility.

8.5 Mr. B Hall spoke re the Australian Pigeon Fanciers Association and if the Association was to pay the dues this year as was done last year. The Management Committee stated last year that the Association would only pay up front once. For season 2000 onwards, it would be an individual member’s decision if they wanted to joint the APFA. A note has gone out in a recent Management Committee set of minutes.

8.6 Mr. R Chapman spoke the restrictions on bird numbers in Victoria

8.7 Mr. G Harris spoke on the APFA issue and asked members what exactly has the APFA done for SAHPA Inc. members thus far.

8.8 Mr. L Hughes spoke on “how much longer does the SAHPA Inc. intend on losing money by having the Gazette. The Chairman suggested the question be put to the Treasurer at the Special Meeting to be arranged.

9.0 Minutes read back and confirmed – Moved Mr. J Nisbett, 2nd Mr. B Abraham – That the minutes are a true and correct account of the AGM held on Monday 21st February 2000.     CARRIED

 Meeting closed at 11.10pm

 Next Annual General Meeting – 3rd Monday in February 2001.