TUESDAY 6th MARCH 2007 – 7.30 pm


  1. CHAIRPERSON OPENED MEETING AT:  7.40 pm Attendance:  Mr D Thalbourne (Chairperson), Mr. F. DiMella, Mr. G. Hamilton, Mr. J. Marafiote, Mr. W. Moyle, Mr. K. Pridham, Mr. R. Seedsman (General Secretary).


  1. APOLOGIES:   Nil


  1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  Moved/Seconded/Carried




1.            Business arising from 2007 A.G.M.


            Held over until Next Meeting.


2.                  Approval for Positions within the S.A.H.P.A. Inc.


·        Ring Secretary 


Mrs R Kearns has been appointed Ring Secretary for the 2007 Season.                              Moved/Carried


·        Convoyer


Mr R Billing has been appointed Convoyer for the 2007 Season.                                    Moved/Carried


·        Loading Stewards (2)


Mr G Cawte has been appointed Loading Steward for the 2007 Season.                              Moved/Carried


·        Unit Cleaners (2)


Mr W Markou & Mr G Nimmo have been appointed Main Unit Cleaners for the 2007 Season.            Moved/Carried


·        Race Adjudicator


Mr G Cawte has been appointed Race Adjudicator for the 2007 Season.                              Moved/Carried


·        Training/Tossing Unit Driver


Mr D Schwarz has been appointed Training/Tossing Unit Driver for the 2007 Season.                  Moved/Carrie

·        Computer Systems Administrator


Mrs C Myers has been appointed Computer Systems Administrator for the 2007 Season.                  Moved/Carried


·        Junior Co-ordinator


·        Release Panel (3)


Mr F DiMella, Mr J Marafiote & Mr K Pridham have been appointed as the Release Panel of 3 for the 2007 Season.




1.            Letter from the Southern Vales Inv. Racing Pigeon Club –

            Advising of Office Bearers for the 2007 Season – Chairperson – Mr.

            G. Allen, Secretary/Treasurer/Publicity Officer – Mr. T. Langsford,

            Race Secretary – Mr. G. Harris.


2.                  Email from Mr. P. Squire – Application for the Position on the

Release Panel.  Action:  The Management Committee thank Mr P Squire for his application –his application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.


3.                  From the Adelaide Pigeon Club – Copy of Minutes & Financial

Report – tabled at the Clubs’ Annual General Meeting held on the 10th

December 2006.  Action:  Held Over.


4.                  Letter from the North Suburban Inv. Homing Pigeon Club –

Advising the Management Committee that fourteen (14) of the Club’s

Members voted in favour of the Voluntary concept to allow for Prize

Money at the Clubs’ Meeting held on the 8th January 2007.


5.                  Letter from the Strathalbyn & District Homing Pigeon Club Inc. –

Advising of Office Bearers for the 2007 Season – Chairperson Mr. P

Blaser, Secretary/Treasurer – Mrs B. Blaser, Clock Chairperson – Mr. D. King.


            6.            Email from Mr. T. Tirrell – Enquiring about the use of the Benzing

                        Icom Life Ring.  Action:  All Members are requested to purchase their

                        Life Rings from the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. as per R.B.L. 29.


                        The General Secretary is currently in the process of obtaining Samples

                        And Costings of the Icom Life Rings.


            7.            From Mr. I. Wareing – Providing a copy of the original “Wall of

                        Fame” criteria for the Management Committees’ attention.  Action:

                        Held Over.



8.                  Letter from Mr. J. Marafiote – Application for the Position on the

Release Panel. 


9.                  Letter from Mr. F. DiMella – Application for the Position on the

Release Panel.


10.              Email from Mr. J. Hofman – Expressing his concerns regarding an

Issue in relation to the 2007 A.G.M.  Action:  The Management Committee thank Mr Hofman in relation to his concerns and are currently seeking clarification.


11.              Email from Jill Williams (Fundraising Co-ordinator) Save The

Children Fund – Extending an Invitation for the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. to

Participate in the United Nations International Peace Day Celebrations

On the 21st September 2007.  Action:  Held Over.


12.              Email from Mr. G. Lillington – Secretary Smithfield Club –

Raising his Club Members’ concerns in respect to a Member of

The Association making mischievous outrageous claims in regards to the Northern Electorate “Ballot”.  Action:  The Management Committee will invite the Members in question to a Management Committee Meeting to investigate.


13.              Email from Mr. P. Beaumont – Supporting the Promotions Sub-

Committee, apologising to Mr. J. Marafiote and the Management Committee for any inconvenience caused in relation to an incident regarding Prize-money obtained from Sponsors at the 2007 A.G.M.  Action:  Mr P Beaumont’s apology has been accepted.


14.              Email from Mr. G Hamilton -  Making himself available to be a

Part of the Release Panel if required.  Action:  Mr G Hamilton withdrew his application in regards to the Release Panel, but will be readily available during the Season if required.


15.              Letter from Haspelagh Pigeon Products – Enclosing two (2)

Electronic Chip Ring samples as requested and cost, and advising that there has been a change of Ownership.


16.              From Eastern Equity Insurance Brokers – Enclosing Directors &

Officers Liability and Corporate reimbursement Insurance Proposal form.  Action:  Secretary to complete form & return.


17.              From Western Pigeon Federation & Victorian Racing Pigeon Unions – Requesting the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. to reconsider their decision to fly the South East Line because of their concerns in regards to clashing, with the South East Line coinciding with their West Track.  Action:  The Management Committee are also concerned with the situation in regards to clashing, but will endeavour to set a Race Program and if need be adjust Race Points  and Release Times to do all things possible to have successful Races.


18.              From the Promotions Sub – Committee – Minutes of Meeting Held

On Tuesday 27th February 2007.  Action:  Held Over.


19.              Letter from Mr K Pridham – Application for the Position on the

Release Panel.




1.                  Letter to Mr. G. Hamilton – Inviting him to the Northern Electorate

Ballot Count at S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Headquarters on 14th February 2007 – 7.00 pm.


2.                  Letter to the Adelaide Pigeon Club – Requesting a copy of the

Club’s Minutes and Financial Report tabled at their 2007 A.G.M.


3.                  Email to Haspelagh – Requesting Samples and Pricing of Electronic




Moved/Carried – Correspondence In & Out - Confirmed


7.            GENERAL BUSINESS:


1.                  2007 RACE PROGRAM – (Draft)


26.5.07                        Carrieton

2.6.07    Carrieton

9.6.07    Hawker

16.6.07                        Keith

23.6.07                        Keith

30.6.07                        Hawker

7.7.07    Dimboola

14.7.07                        Parachilna

21.7.07                        Nhill

28.7.07                        Nhill

4.8.07    Lyndhurst Y.B.C.

4.8.07                                                                        Wedderburn 8 Bird Spec

11.8.07                                                            Wedderburn S.A.D.

11.8.07                                                            Lyndhurst 8 Bird Spec

18.8.07                                                            The Twins

25.8.07                                                            Mitiamo

1.9.07                                                                        Coober Pedy

8.9.07                                                                        Berrigan

15.9.07                                                            Marla

22.9.07                                                            Berrigan

29.9.07                                                            Coober Pedy

6.10.07                                                            Holbrook




2.                  FIRING-OFF PROCEDURE:


The S.A.H.P.A. Inc. will utilize the Telstra Time Message Service for the Setting & Firing Off of Clocks for the 2007 Season.


3.                  S.A.H.P.A. Inc. SUB-COMMITTEES:


All Sub-Committees are now required to submit their intentions for the 2007 Season.


Any Sub-Committee that intends operating this year, must submit a list of Names of the Committee Members for the Management Committees’ Approval.


4.                  FREIGHT TENDER – 2007:


Freight Tenders are now invited for all Races for the 2007 Season.


Tender Submissions are to be enclosed in a Sealed Envelope Marked

Tender for S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Transportation” and to be forwarded to:-


                                    The General Secretary

                                    S.A.H.P.A. Inc.

                                    10 Baulderstone Road

                                    Gepps Cross     SA    5094


Tenders close – Thursday 5th April 2007 – 5.00 pm


5.                  BIRD QUALIFICATION – 2007:


No Bird Qualification will apply for the 2007 Season.


                        The S.R.C. are advised to amend the Sires Produce Rules to reflect the





Tenders are invited for the supply of Pigeon Feed  and Straw Medium for the Main Unit for the 2007 Season.  Action:  Secretary to contact suitable Suppliers to invite Tenders.


Tenders Close – Thursday 5th April 2007 – 5.00 pm.








7.                  STOCK ORDER NIGHT:


Stock Orders with Price List will be forwarded to Club Secretaries by 14th April.


Please review your Stock Levels and place your Order with Payment to:


                                    The General Secretary

                                    S.A.H.P.A. Inc.

                                    10 Baulderstone Road

                                    Gepps Cross           SA    5094


No Later than Friday 11th May 2007.


Stock Orders can be collected from S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Headquarters on Tuesday 15th May between 6.00pm – 7.30 pm.



8.                  S.A.H.P.A. Inc. HEADQUARTERS’ CLEANING CONTRACT:


Applications are now being called for the Contract Position of Headquarters’ Cleaning.


The Baulderstone Road Complex is to be cleaned (Toilets, Office, Hall Interior and Canteen Area) once a Fortnight (Minimum) in the Race Season & once a Month in the Off Season.


Applicants will be required to List Price/Quote for the conduct of such Contract.


Please forward Applications to:


                                    The General Secretary

                                    S.A.H.P.A. Inc.

                                    10 Baulderstone Road

                                    Gepps Cross.        SA    5094


Applications close Friday 20th April 2007 – 5.00 pm.



9.                  NPA &ACS LIFE RINGS:


Members please be AWARE – The S.A.H.P.A.. Inc. does not recognize Life Rings with the NPA & ACS Prefix.


                        Any Birds rung with these Rings will be ineligible to compete in all

                        Races that come under the Jurisdiction of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc.


·        Mr G Hamilton raised the Issue of a Working Committee to examine the feasibility of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Purchasing a New Transporter.

·        Mr K Pridham informed the Committee re – the progress of the Voluntary Prize-money concept.


8.            MEETING CLOSED:  10.40 pm


9.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Monday 19th March 2007 – 7.30 pm.