SUNDAY 17TH AUGUST 2003 – 2.30 PM.

1. Chairperson opened Meeting at  2.35 pm Attendance:  Mr. D. Thalbourne, (Chairperson) Mr. R. Chapman (Vice-Chairperson) Mr. J. Cock, Mr. P. Couzner, Mr. K. Pridham, Mr. W. Moyle, Mr. R. Fewings, Mr. R. Seedsman (General Secretary).

2. Apologies:  Mrs. C. Myers (Assistant Secretary)

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Moved/Carried

4. Business Arising from Previous Meeting: Nil – Moved/Carried

5. Treasurer’s Monthly Report:

The Treasurer presented his report, highlighting certain aspects – in particular noting that Expenses are down in relation to the same period last year and that Freight Nominations are slightly higher than last year, even allowing for the fact that we have had two less Races in respect to the same period last year.



1. Letter from the Elizabeth Racing Pigeon Club – Expressing their
Thoughts in regards to the Pre-paid Nomination Proposal.  Action:  The Management Committee have taken the Elizabeth Club’s thoughts on board for future reference.

2. Fax from Hampton Haulage – Submitting a Quote for towing the
Small Blue Unit for the Alice Springs Event.  Action:  Secretary to forward Quote onto the Special Races Committee.

3. Fax from the Australian Pigeon Fanciers Association – Notification
That Membership Cards will be forwarded to the S.A.H.P.A. Members as soon as they are printed.

4. Letter from the Smithfield Inv. Racing Pigeon Club –

1. Expressing their views as to the Pre-Paid Nomination Proposal.
Action:  The Management Committee thank the Smithfield Club for their views and will keep them in mind for future reference.

2. Inquiry into the Mishandling of their Birds being loaded into the
Main Unit for the Carrieton Race.  Action:  After investigation into this incident, the Management Committee have stipulated that the Platforms for Loading Birds into the Top Bays must be utilized.

5. Letter from the Loxton Homing Pigeon Club – Seeking permission
To Transport their Birds with the Association to Morundah, Coober Pedy and Temora.  Action:  Approval has been given for the Loxton Homing Club to transport their Birds with the Association for the above races.

6. Letter from Coast FM 88.7 – Apologising for not acknowledging the
S.A.H.P.A as a Sponsor in their Newsletter and an apology for the absence of the “Fire Off” service on the 25th July, owing to the failure of the Main E.T.S.A. line.   Action:  The Management Committee acknowledge the apology from Coast FM 88.7 in regards to the above incidents.

7. E-mail from Mr. G. Harris – Regarding three Issues.

1. Race Result System.
Members are asked to contact the Systems Administrator (Mrs. C. Myers) in regards to any queries involving the Computer Result System.

Mrs. C. Myers can be contacted on:
Telephone:  8266.4441
Mobile:       0410.698266

2. Murrayville Race Point
The Management Committee thank Mr. G. Harris for his views in regards to this Race-point, and concur with Mr. Harris that the Race-point is not a problem as proven by the excellent returns for Murrayville 3.

3. Race Programs
The Management Committee thank Mr. G. Harris for his thoughts in regards to the programming of Races, and will do their utmost to continue to structure a Balanced Program.

8. Convoyer’s Reports from – Carrieton, Murrayville, Farina Y.B.C,
            Mittyack 2. Action:  Secretary to file for future reference.

9. Letter from Mr. R. Wilson (Life Member) – enclosing a $50.00
 Cheque to purchase a Trophy, to be allocated as the Committee see fit.
 Action:  The Management Committee have allocated Mr. Wilson’s
 Trophy donation for the Winner of aggregate points for the 3 Bird

                       10.        From the Special Races Committee – Minutes of Meeting held on
            August 5th. 2003.  Action:  Copy of Minutes to be sent out to all Club


1. Letters to all S.A.H.P.A. Members – Advising of the Lines of Flight
 Special Meeting and enclosing “Notice of Motion” from Various Clubs
 To be discussed and voted on at the Special General Meeting

2. Letter to the Salisbury Inv. Racing Pigeon Club – Enclosing a
Cheque to the value of $40.00 - Capitation Fee refund less $10.00 Administration Fee.

3. Fax to Kym Jones – Exhibitions & Events – Expression of Interest
Form for the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. to participate in the 2004 Adelaide Animal Expo.

4. Letter to Francene Connor – Requesting two (2) Complimentary
Royal Show Passes for volunteers looking after our Information Stand
At this years Royal Show.

           Moved/Carried – Correspondence In & Out – Confirmed


1. Presentation Evening:  To be held at the –

 Buckingham Arms Hotel
 1 Walkerville Terrace

 Saturday 25th October 2003 – 7.00 pm. - $26.50 per head.

Bookings are essential – All enquiries to Mrs. C. Myers 8266.4441 – Money to be paid no later than 25th September.

2. Ring Orders:

Please Note – All Ring Orders from now on are to be lodged with the S.A.H.P.A. Inc. Ring Secretary – Telephone 8252.9377 – together with correct Money/Cheque.

No Rings will be despatched until full payment has been received.

  3. Members are reminded that it is their own responsibility to have their
   Clock presented at the appropriate time on Clock Reading Night if they
   Require a reading.

  4. Members are reminded that the Alice Springs Event and the
   Booroorban 3 Bird Special Races are for Old Birds Only.

5.      Code of Practice:

An updated copy of the S.A.H.P.A. Code of Practice (April 2003) was presented to the Management Committee for their attention and to report back with any further changes they feel are necessary at the next Management Committee Meeting.

6.      Animal Welfare Advisory Committee:

 The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee requested that a
 Representative from the S.A.H.PA. Inc attend a Meeting on Tuesday
 12th August 2003 to discuss all aspects of our Sport.

 Attending the Meeting were Representatives from the Animal Welfare
 League, the R.S.P.C.A., the Farmers Federation, the South Australian
 Government and the Veterinarian Association.

Mr. R. Fewings attended the meeting on behalf of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc., to express the views of the Association and to answer any questions or queries raised in regards to our Sport.

Mr. Fewings was of the view that it was a very positive Meeting and that the Advisory Committee were impressed with the fact that the S.A.H.P.A. Inc., already have steps in place in regards to the ongoing welfare of our Birds.

The Management Committee would like to thank Mr. Fewings for attending this Meeting on behalf of the S.A.H.P.A. Inc.

7.   Secondary Transporter:

  Further Investigation required.

9. DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Sunday 21st September – 2.30 pm.

10. MEETING CLOSED:  4.30 pm.