Minutes of the SAHPA Inc. Management Committee Meeting,
held at SAHPA Headquarters on Tuesday 22nd MAY at 7.00pm

1. Chairman to opened meeting at 7.05pm  Attendance…. Mr D Thalbourne (Chairman), Mr. T Meekins, Mr. J Cock, Mr. R McIlduff, Mr. J Nisbett (Vice Chair), Mr. K Pridham, Mr. P Couzner, Mrs. C Myers (Assist. Sec.), Mr. M Pethick(Gen. Secretary).

2. Apologies - Nil

3. Minutes of previous meeting confirmed – Moved Mr. R McIlduff, 2nd Mr. J Cock CARRIED.

4. Business Arising from previous meeting:
4.1 Freight Costs Marla and Holbrook: The Management Committee wish to advise members that the freight rates for the two longest races have been increased due to the following:- The prices reflect the distance traveled, and numbers sent last year (especially on the East line), which affects the cost effectiveness of the two longest races. We have however, tried to keep the middle distance prices to a more reasonable price level, due to the fact that more birds are sent to the middle points, which means great cost efficiency. The dearest middle-distance freight rate being $1.30 per bird. This should offset the higher rate being charged for Marla & Holbrook.

The Committee is also mindful of the need for members to select qualified and quality birds for these two events. These races are not be used to “see how the rest the birds go at the end of the season”. The Association needs it’s members to select only the birds that have a good chance of making home.
Please also note that with the Association Races, the winner’s awards have been significantly increased, in order to acknowledge the achievements of winning an Association race.

5. Correspondence In:
5.1 Email from Mr. P Beaumont re Unit loading system, Unit cleaner and Faxing results to Publicity Officer. Action – General Secretary to reply.
5.2 From Para Club re advising that Mr. George Kedge has replaced Mr. Neville Tymms as Treasurer. Action – General Secretary to note records.
5.3 From Victor Harbour Club re Advice of membership and payment of Affiliation fees. Action General Secretary to note records and issue receipt.
5.4 From Information Technology Officer re Advising new “Bulletin Board” for SAHPA Webpage. Action – General Secretary to note, Members with Email please also note!
5.5 From Central Combine re Advising the Groups intent on taking up a 2 year lease, with the right of renewal for 2 more years on the SAHPA Canteen. Action – General Secretary to reply confirming same and issue of a lease agreement.
5.6 From Keith Homing Club re Advice of Office Bearers. President (Clive Sanderson), Vice President (Steve Mitchell), Treasurer (Max Nicolai), Secretary (Alan Sanderson).
Action - General Secretary to note records.
5.7 From Craigmore Club re Requesting the Committee consider Craigmore being a Hampering Centre and Clock Reading centre for season 2001. The club also wishes that their wives be granted permission to use the Husband’s clocks as nothing in the rules says that they cannot do same. The club is also requesting reimbursement of the Block Plan fees as the wives did not need to be measured up. Action – General Secretary to reply advising that the Committee discussed the club’s request and have agreed to the following:- The Craigmore club be allowed Hampering status, so long as there are 6 competing members, and there are four members at the hampering table. (Old Race Rules 23 & 26, new Race By-Laws 23 & 26 refers). The Club must also purchase a phone in order to phone numbers through to the General Secretary by 7.45pm. The Committee has denied the club’s request to be a clock-reading centre (Group). The Club’s clock’s must be read and checked at the nearest Group Centre or in at the Association Hall. In reference to the three block plans paid for, the General Secretary will refund the fees accordingly. In reference to the wives using the Husband’s clocks for clocking birds, the Committee will allow this for this year, however the By-Laws will be seriously looked at after the season is over to cover the issue.
5.8 From Gazette Editor re Account for Editor’s services for May Journal. Action – General Secretary/Treasurer to arrange payment.
5.9 From Tea Tree Gully re Submission of Club constitution as requested. Action General Secretary to file with other club’s rules and constitutions.
5.10 From Mr. T Deslandes re Late submission of Capitation fees for 2001 as a member of the Southern Vales club. Action – General Secretary to receipt and note records.
5.11 From Campbelltown club re Payment of capitation fee for Paul Spooner for season 2001. Reason for late payment is change in circumstance, which now sees Mr. Spooner being able to fly again this year. Action – General Secretary to note records and advise Information Technology.
5.12 From Mr. Walter Popiel-Machnicki re Money Order for Association Capitation fees for season 2001. Mr. Machnicki has not been accepted by any club at this stage. The Management Committee to decide on Mr. Machnicki’s eligibility to fly association races. Action – The SAHPA Management Committee has decided to not allow Mr. Machnicki’s request to fly SAHPA races without being in a club. Mr. Machnicki must be a full member of an Associated club before he is eligible to compete in SAHPA races. General Secretary to reply to Mr. Machnicki advising the Committee’s decision.
5.13 From Mr. George Harris re Advising that for “personal reasons”, he will note be flying again and requests a refund of his capitation fees for season 2001. Action – General Secretary to reply refunding the Capitation fee, less $10.00 for administration.
5.14 From Mr. Ivan Wareing re quote for club/headquarters wall extension as advised to put in. Due to the new Honour Board going up shortly, the walls of Headquarters are fast running out of room for photos etc. Extending the Besser brick wall would allow more room for more photos and other memorabilia. Action – General Secretary to reply. The SAHPA Committee has deferred a decision on this matter, as they would like to see all existing projects finished first. Currently we have several projects on the go and the Committee would like to see the Hall when all are completed. Projects such as Security up-grade, New Honour Board (Northern Wall), painting of the hall, North Suburban clubroom up-grade & Fire Safety up-grade. Once all existing projects are complete, the Committee will then inspect the Hall and re-submit the quote for a final decision.
5.15 From Life FM re Provision of “Certificate of Appreciation” for donation. Action – General Secretary to display at Office Window.
5.16 From Adelaide Fire Control re Quote for installation and up-grade of an automated Sprinkler system for fire protection at Headquarters. Action – Due to the extremely high quote, the Committee has opted for the Security up-grade, which includes 3 smoke detectors linked to the Electronic security panel for fire detection. We also now have adequate Fire Extinguishers, and the Committee is currently looking at installing a Fire Hose reel at the Hall for added fire safety.

6.0 Correspondence Out –
6.1 To Barossa/Angaston re Charges for possible convoying with SAHPA
6.2 To Alexandra IHPC re Hampering and Clock Reading centre.
6.3 To Mr. Rod Billing re Confirmation of SAHPA Cleaning contract 2001.
6.4 To Mr. Ivan Wareing re Advice of successful quote for construction of Honour Board.
6.5 To Chubb Security re Advice of successful quote for Security Up-Grade.
6.6 To Adelaide Fire Control re Advice of successful quote for Fire Extinguishers for Hall.
6.7 To All Clubs re Draft of 2001 program with freight costs, hamper nights etc., SAHPA Junior Program 2001, Copies of Special Races Committee minutes
6.8 To Information Technology re review of Website information and advertising income.
6.9 Central Combine re requesting confirmation of continuance of Canteen lease.
6.10 To Pacific Waste re Changing clearing of waste on a weekly basis until further notice.
6.11 To Management Committee re Suggestion to change Ouyen 2 hamper night.

Letters confirmed as written and sent. Moved Mr. K Pridham, 2nd Mr. Phil Couzner – CARRIED:

7.0 Matters Held Over:
7.1 Release Officer guidelines and Weather Bureau web-site: Enclosed in this week’s information to clubs, will be a memo for every member, which outlines the new set of guidelines which are to be used by the SAHPA and the Release Officer when deciding on races which may be affected by weather etc. There will be sufficient numbers for each member of each club. The Release Officer (Mr. Ross Chapman), has recommended not to pay for the joint weather bureau web-site with the VHA as he has other resources to call on to help him in his job. The Committee has agreed to Mr. Chapman’s recommendation.
7.2 Doping of Pigeons report: Mr. John Cock has reported that the VHA has a system in place for testing of doping of racing pigeons and they have a clear operational policy, which all VHA members are aware of. Action – General Secretary to contact the VHA to request a copy of the Policy and procedures and details of the Doping Testing facility, including prices. More information available at a later date.
7.3 Animal Welfare Unit (Code of Practice) recommendations: The Committee has received the set of recommendations from the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee for adoption of our Code of Practice. The General Secretary is to copy the AWAC’s draft and forward to all Management Committee persons, along with a copy of the SAHPA’s Code of Practice for comparison. The Management Committee is to consider the AWAC’s recommendations and hand down a decision at the next meeting. The ramifications of such a decision and the benefits to the Association will be explained more thoroughly in the minutes of the next Meeting.
7.4 Code of Practice review for 2001: See 7.3 above, for more information.
7.5 Race Adjudicator’s position: General Secretary to contact each of the three applicants to discuss changes to the position, honorarium and re-applying for the position.
7.6 Special Races Committee meeting with SAHPA Committee: Mr. Gavin Harris gave the Committee a quick overview of arrangements for the Special Race from Madura in WA. The Special Races Committee has asked for some assistance from the SAHPA in order to hold this event and make it successful. On consideration of the SRC’s request, the Committee has decided to assist the holding of this Special Long Distance event by offering to pay for the following: - The freight from Adelaide to Pt Augusta, the purchase of fee at the WA end and an appropriate trophy or similar award (The total value of approximately $250). The Special Races Committee to decide on the Nomination fees per bird, which must cover the freight from Pt Augusta to Madura and prizemoney for the event. Moved Mr. P Couzner, 2nd Mr. J Cock  _CARRIED:
7.7 Adelaide Pigeon Club up-date: This important item will be tabled at the next Management Meeting. In the interim period, the General Secretary to call for an in-depth report on status, number of entries as of the nomination deadline (31st May), expenses incurred and other points of interest. More information available in next set of minutes.
7.8 Make-up of Groups for season 2001: The Management Committee has decided on the make-up of the Groups/Hampering/Clock Reading centres for season 2001, following replies from most clubs as requested in previous minutes. A list is attached to this set of minutes for Club’s further information and action as necessary.
7.9 Collection of Return Statistics for 2001: The format for collection of pigeon returns and statistics has been decided on and each club will receive a folder containing all necessary forms and information for completion of same. The folder with each race return form will be distributed on Friday 1st June with club papers. All Club Secretaries are responsible for each race return the following Hampering night (in the bag!).
7.10 Treasurer’s report – To be provided following end of month figures (May):
7.11 Member’s Constitution & By-Law booklets: A draft of the Constitution and By-Laws booklet was handed to all Committeemen for their proof reading, consideration and acceptance. Once the booklet has been proof read and corrected, the General Secretary will begin assembling member’s booklets for distribution over the next month or so. Booklets will be distributed on a month-by-month basis. All current members will receive one booklet free of charge. Any members wishing to purchase an extra copy will be charged $5.00.  Certified and approved amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, will be issued after each AGM at no cost to members.

8.1 Insurance on Clocks: Members are advised that, any clock which is dropped by any member/s, of any club clock committee during SAHPA races are covered by our own Insurance. Members dropping their own clocks are not covered.

8.2 Meeting of Club secretaries and Clock Chairman: Club Secretaries are to be advised, that a meeting of Club secretaries with the Clock Chairman will be held on ………….

8.3 Annual Presentation: Tickets to our Annual Presentation are selling and anyone wishing to be a part of this new style presentation (ie. Dinner at the Buckingham Arms Hotel) can contact Cheryl Myers on 82664441 for more information. Shortly, Posters and flyers will be forwarded to ALL CLUBS. On receipt, Club Chairpersons are to display and hand out accordingly.

8.4 Junior Flyers – Team Registers: Could all Junior Flyers please forward a copy of their Team Registers to the General Secretary.

8.5 Sponsorship: The Association is still looking for a major sponsor or two to help finance the cost of the Saturday Morning Radio promo. If any Business out there, or any member who knows of a Business out there, that is interested, please let the General Secretary know as soon as possible. Telephone 82708198.

8.6 Release Details: Saturday morning release and weather information is available after Hampering is completed. Members can access this information on our SAHPA Website (www.sahpa.asn.au) or by phoning 8262 3857 (listen to message bank service – Note do not leave a message, hang up when message finished).

With respect to our Radio spot on Saturday mornings, our Publicity Officer Brenda Caesarowicz, has advised that members can tune in to Coast FM 88.5 on Saturday mornings to hear pre-release information, results and other items of interest at 8.45am – 8.50am: There will also be a repeat of the release report at again at 11.30am.

Don’t forget to phone or fax your results to Brenda by the times listed in the previous set of minutes. More information available by phoning 83271270.

8.7 Unit Replacement: The SAHPA Management Committee is calling for expressions of interest in joining/forming a “working party” to investigate and research the planning, purchase/manufacture, of our Convoying Unit. Members who have any engineering, design, relevant experience are encouraged to be a part of this working party. Enquiries to Mr. Terry Meekins on 83227971.

8.8 Parking at SAHPA on Hamper Nights: All drivers of vehicles, trailers are to observe the parking cones and set up on Hamper nights. We will be providing a bit more room for manouvreing of vehicles on Hamper nights to enable quicker unloading, loading and departure.

8.9 Maintenance on the Loading Dock: The Committee is currently arranging the manufacturing of some steps for climbing on to the loading frames (in the interest of member safety) and in relocating the electrical cable on the dock. Please be patient, these improvements will take place, and please observe safety of not only yourself, but your fellow loaders on the dock, at all times this season.

9.0 Date of Next Meeting – 13th June at 7pm.

10.0 Meeting Closed – 10.45pm